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Well how am I doing in the blog department? No por la caca I’d say. But, new year, new habits… maybe. Although I don’t do New Year’s resolutions (why not resolve whenever you see the need), it’s still as good a time as any, and maybe better than most to try and breathe new life into the blog.

I just completed a one-month show at the incredibly beautiful Open Shutter Gallery here in Durango. We kicked it off with an opening night extravaganza that combined my annual Christmas party fundraiser, with the gallery opening. We were able to raise over $3,500 for Project Merry Christmas, which is a local organization that does great work providing Christmas cheer and necessities to needy folks. It’s a great feeling to be able to help them out with some, much needed, cash. Many thanks to all who attended, and donated. And to Margy, Brandon, Mariah, and Bob at Open Shutter. Also a big thanks to Erik Maxson and Carver Brewing for donating the beer. Thanks also go out to Jeff and Sherry Watson from Nature’s Oasis for kicking in some wine for the party. And of course, huge thanks to Liane and Brett for manning the door and gently prying so much money from everyone. A great time was had by all… including the unnamed person who was puking off the back porch.

So it is that we go off into the very unknown territory of 2009… Lord have mercy! Let me just say: I think ‘09’ll be fine’… do I hear some Hallelujahs? But to help it be so, let’s all send out a big hearty dose of good luck to our man Barack: may you be ‘da Man’ we believe you are sir.

Below you’ll find some images from my show, many of which were shot in Yellowstone this fall. Enjoy.

Yellowstone Falls

Teton Triplets

Yellowstone Stream

Winter Patterns

Yellowstone Mineral Deposits

Yellowstone Gorge

Yellowstone Lake Shore

Lime Creek Slide Path

Arizona Cloud

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