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We put up some new images in the “Industrial” portfolio on the web site the other day. Industrial images are something I’ve been shooting from early on and I still enjoy it a lot.
Some might think that shooting construction projects and the like would be totally different, and not so enjoyable, from shooting the other outdoor work that I’m probably more known for. On the contrary, I really like the challenge of shooting something that, many might not find any beauty in, and finding the interesting and compelling images. Just like any other subject matter, there are some times when it is next to impossible to find a good image, but usually there’s something there. It’s often very similar to finding images out in nature… looking for the patterns and contrasts that are visually interesting.

The other thing that I really enjoy about industrial shoots, is that I almost always learn some interesting stuff about something that I probably didn’t know much about before… kind of the hidden parts of the things that make our infrastructure work. And lest you think that this is the work of the industrial devil machine; occasionally I do come across something that I find distasteful, but for the most part these are projects that, while in a perfect world we maybe wouldn’t choose to build that particular highway, or cement plant, or whatever, as long as we live in this society, drive cars, live in houses, consume electricity, buy recreational equipment, etc. etc., we’ve chosen to make environmental sacrifices that allow us to live the way we live. There are definitely clients that I would not work for based on their track records of exploitation or if someone were doing a project I was absolutely opposed to, but the majority of construction projects are more or less necessary and done by companies that are honorable, employ our friends and neighbors, and contribute in many positive ways to our communities. And hopefully, we’re moving in the direction of less environmental impact, in the last few years a majority of my industrial work has involved environmental cleanup and clean energy projects.

Here a few of the new images and a couple of older ones from the “Industrial” portfolio:

Wind Turbines in California

Environmental Cleanup in Montana

Scraper in New Mexico

Intersection in Colorado

Environmental Cleanup in Colorado

Wind Turbines in California

Wind Turbines in California

Tying Rebar in Nevada

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