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Well, I just found out that I won not one, not two, but three top three prizes in the Px3 photo competition. Px3 (Prix de la Photographie, Paris) is Europe’s largest (entries from 85 countries) and most prestigious photo competition, and probably one of the top five in the world. To say that I won prizes is a bit of a misnomer… I guess all I really ‘won’, is recognition… but I’ll take it.

I’ve written on here before about the capriciousness of winning contests and getting into shows and galleries. But as I’ve said before: when you win, it doesn’t suck. And when you start to get a track record of winning, I guess that makes it, at least a little, less capricious. However, some of these same images have received no recognition at all in other competitions, so maybe it is just a total crap shoot, but I prefer to think otherwise. These awards coupled with the others that I’ve gotten in the last few years… most notable of which was a first place in the International Photography Awards in 2007, have begun to give me, I hope, a lot more standing in the world of fine art photography.

The images that won were: The Colorado Snow Flurry series… a series of three images shot during a very early snow flurry last fall at Andrews Lake on Molas Pass. This series received a second place in ‘Nature‘, and a third place in ‘Fine Art“.

And the other winning image was an image from a series that I did about Yellowstone National Park “Twenty Years After the Fires“.

You can see larger (and un-watermarked) views of these in my New Work and Great Outdoors galleries at my website.

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