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I drive by a lot of fire aftermath several times a week, going to and from Vallecito to nordic ski. It’s actually quite beautiful in a stark kind of way. In the summer, it tends to be pretty green, but in the winter, you get this great contrast of darks and lights so that even […]

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Just some shots of the ice at Vallecito Lake. Hopefully soon, I’ll have up a recording of the incredible sounds the ice makes when it’s warming up in the mornings, to go along with some images. So here’s a couple of new images and my all time favorite Vallecito Ice Shot that I took a […]

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Here’s a few more of the photos that are at the Lost Dog until Thursday. For more: visit my website.

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A Radical Departure So there’s still a couple more days to catch my show at The Lost Dog if you’re interested. The show is titled Radical Departure… radical departure form anything I’ve ever done before. Sometime around 1972, on Galaxy Drive in Newport Beach California, on just some random, ordinary day, a young mom told […]