Durango Colorado Fine Art Photographer Shoots Fire Aftermath: Missionary Ridge Fire – Almost 10 Years Later

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I drive by a lot of fire aftermath several times a week, going to and from Vallecito to nordic ski. It’s actually quite beautiful in a stark kind of way. In the summer, it tends to be pretty green, but in the winter, you get this great contrast of darks and lights so that even a color photo tends to look like a black and white. I’ve only shot it a little… I keep thinking about how to shoot it, and looking for some good angles, but as of yet, I’ve not done it justice. Stay tuned… I’ll keep working at it. Here’s a taste of what I did the other day.

Also, here’s an image that I shot in Yellowstone, 20 years after the big fires up there, and a link to a portfolio that it’s in on my web site.

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