Iron Horse Bicycle Classic Crit While I didn’t really “shoot” the Iron Horse this year, I did take a camera with me to the crit, and snapped a couple of shots. I kinda like this one… I think between the color and the action, it works.

Durango, Colorado Skyline

Here’s a panorama I did of the Durango skyline. I printed a couple of these 88 inches long… they’re pretty cool that large. Enjoy.

New High Rollers Band Promo Photo

My good friends, The High Rollers wanted a new publicity photo for various things, like promo posters, website, autograph pieces, etc. They wanted something that really highlighted the band with little in the way of distractions.We took this in February at Pastorious Lake. They suffered a little for the sake of art. There was a […]

Cresent Moon Over The White Rim Trail In Canyonlands National Park

Here’s another image from last fall’s mountain bike trip on the White Rim. It’s taken from Hardscrabble Camp. In the last post I made, the image of the Milky Way was taken from Murphy’s Camp.  

Milky Way Over The White Rim From Last Fall's Bike Trip
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I guess this image is back around to being seasonal now that it’s about time to get the mountain bikes back out. I took this last September on our annual White Rim bike trip. We were there close to the new moon, so the star-gazing was phenomenal. I’m going to add this image to the […]

Testing Pictures
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So I recently am trying to see if posts and pictures from my blog will go into the facebook page.  Just testing it out folks!  Hopefully it’s working. This is a photo of mine that my friend Keya Horiuchi used on her blog at   Her website rocks! If you’re interested in sustainable building, […]

First post on new web site: USA Pro Cycling Challenge

Well, the new web site is a reality. There are still a few things that need tweaking, and there are still a lot of prints and other “products” to put up, but for the most part, it’s done. Let me know what you think. Hopefully, I’ll be inspired to blog more now that it’s done… we’ll […]

Durango Colorado Photographer and the Chesapeake Bay Retriever wonder dog.
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Here’s another image of Cooper the wonder dog for Zuke’s. More on the New Work page.            

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Starting late last summer, I’ve been shooting some stuff for Zuke’s pet treat company. Zuke’s is a homegrown company here in Durango that is doing very well on the national level… you can find their all natural treats all over the country. They are looking for images to start forming a library, and I’ve been […]

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I drive by a lot of fire aftermath several times a week, going to and from Vallecito to nordic ski. It’s actually quite beautiful in a stark kind of way. In the summer, it tends to be pretty green, but in the winter, you get this great contrast of darks and lights so that even […]