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Just some shots of the ice at Vallecito Lake. Hopefully soon, I’ll have up a recording of the incredible sounds the ice makes when it’s warming up in the mornings, to go along with some images. So here’s a couple of new images and my all time favorite Vallecito Ice Shot that I took a […]

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Here’s a few more of the photos that are at the Lost Dog until Thursday. For more: visit my website.

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A Radical Departure So there’s still a couple more days to catch my show at The Lost Dog if you’re interested. The show is titled Radical Departure… radical departure form anything I’ve ever done before. Sometime around 1972, on Galaxy Drive in Newport Beach California, on just some random, ordinary day, a young mom told […]

My good friend Ruthie Matthes is being inducted into the U.S.Bicycling Hall of Fame this year. So over the weekend we went out and shot some promo photos for her to sign at public appearances. Here are several treatments of the one Ruthie chose.

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Was in Denver last week trying to drum up some business… spent an afternoon in the Santa Fe Drive Art District… lots of galleries… lots of studios… lots of art… another of the “things to do in Denver before you’re dead” (bastardization of the title of a movie I’ve never seen). I’m told first and […]

We put up some new images in the “Industrial” portfolio on the web site the other day. Industrial images are something I’ve been shooting from early on and I still enjoy it a lot. Some might think that shooting construction projects and the like would be totally different, and not so enjoyable, from shooting the […]

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Well, I just found out that I won not one, not two, but three top three prizes in the Px3 photo competition. Px3 (Prix de la Photographie, Paris) is Europe’s largest (entries from 85 countries) and most prestigious photo competition, and probably one of the top five in the world. To say that I won […]

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Lately I’ve been shooting a series of photos of spherical objects with the Canon PS SD 780IS that I keep on my belt all the time. It’s a good camera, though it does lack manual settings which would be nice, but it’s a great size to keep with you at all times. So here’s a […]

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I recently shots some band photos for my buddy Andy Janowsky and his band, the High Rollers. It’s always fun to collaborate with other creative people. You can see other ‘people pics‘ here on my site.

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I don’t know how many of you have taken my suggestion to get yourselves over to the Anasazi Heritage Center and see Stanton Englehart’s exhibit, but if you haven’t, you need to. I wrote about it here earlier and included some of Stanton’s images to entice you. It will be up until October 31st, but […]