Durango, Colorado Skyline

Here’s a panorama I did of the Durango skyline. I printed a couple of these 88 inches long… they’re pretty cool that large. Enjoy.

Cresent Moon Over The White Rim Trail In Canyonlands National Park

Here’s another image from last fall’s mountain bike trip on the White Rim. It’s taken from Hardscrabble Camp. In the last post I made, the image of the Milky Way was taken from Murphy’s Camp.  

Milky Way Over The White Rim From Last Fall's Bike Trip
18th Mar 2013Posted in: Fine Art, Lanscapes, Outdoors, Utah 0

I guess this image is back around to being seasonal now that it’s about time to get the mountain bikes back out. I took this last September on our annual White Rim bike trip. We were there close to the new moon, so the star-gazing was phenomenal. I’m going to add this image to the […]

6th Jul 2010Posted in: Colorado, Contests, Fine Art, Lanscapes, Px3, Winners, Yellowstone 0

Well, I just found out that I won not one, not two, but three top three prizes in the Px3 photo competition. Px3 (Prix de la Photographie, Paris) is Europe’s largest (entries from 85 countries) and most prestigious photo competition, and probably one of the top five in the world. To say that I won […]

21st Jan 2009Posted in: Arizona, Lanscapes, Photography, Water Falls, Yellowstone 1

Well how am I doing in the blog department? No por la caca I’d say. But, new year, new habits… maybe. Although I don’t do New Year’s resolutions (why not resolve whenever you see the need), it’s still as good a time as any, and maybe better than most to try and breathe new life […]